Friv Top


We are about to ask a very cliché question: Who doesn’t like video games?

I mean, there is probably someone in the world that is grouchy enough to avoid games like the plague, but if you are here, you probably love games beyond the scope of your own perception. We are not talking the basic stuff you did as a child, like hide-and-seek or tag (even if still counts!) You are mad about games in ways that many people could find unhealthy. You love board games, you like video games, the more complex they are, the more they get your attention. Hell, you probably have tried your hand at making games at some point too! Friv Top will feel like home for you then, and we hope to hit the high bar for you or anyone who visits our website.

Friv Top was created with the sole purpose of keeping track of all the development we can get our hands off when it comes to video games. From the latest releases on the current generation of consoles to the upgrades done on one of the many strategy games played using physical decks. You see, our team is composed of gamers as well, we understand the value of a well-designed game no matter the format it entails. We consume these little pieces of fiction in our spare tie, and they bring a lot of joy to our existences. Our goal is to make you feel the same way we do about gaming. Even if you already feel like that, you are more than welcome to join this party.

Gaming is for everyone, and everyone should be able to enjoy even the simplest ones.