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How to survive in a wasteland post apocalyptic world? – Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is one of the most important parts of the video gaming series because in this game you will be encountering the adventure and journey of Artyom. He is the protagonist of this game. So this game is going to get released the upcoming few days and this is a first-person shooting game. It has been developed by 4A games. In the series of Metro games, it is the third one. It is now following the events of Metro: Last night and Metro 2033.

Metro Exodus wallpaper

So this first-person shooting game Metro Exodus is filled with stealth elements and survival horror. The entire game is set in a wasteland post-apocalyptic. So the players who will be joining the game will have to (more…)


PS2Smart is a PS2 smartphone emulator for iOS & Android

Collection of Android & iOS games is getting a huge boost with release of new PS2Smart app, which is an PlayStation 2 emulator and could run all of its exclusive games on mobile phone systems from now on.

Developing of this software took its creators ten months in total to finish it completely, like they claim in their history log project. They’ve noticed opportunity to build this kind of application when they realized today’s mobile phones like new iPhone’s, Samsung Galaxy’s & other ones have evolved drastically when it comes to hardware specifications. So we can freely compare them to like 5-6 old desktop computers and their major parts like GPU’s or CPU’s are almost similar when it comes to power and operating speed.


System Requirements
Application will work flawlessly on all newer devices, and even few years old ones. For Android you need to have (more…)


My opinion of Piquet Master

Piquet wargameGames what really makes me addictive are these kind of ones, so I am always in the search for rule-sets that allows me to play on my lonesome. As you can notice from this blog, I am a bif fan of “Two Hour Wargames” pairs which are actually detailed created to play as singleplayer. I also love Too Fat Lardies and their various games. In fact, I own almost every rules set produced by both companies.

However, being the rules magpie that I am, I am constantly on the lookout for new mechanisms and systems. And it was that search that brought me to (more…)


Get Free Gems in Clash of Clans with Generator App

Almost five years have passed since the ultimate iOS & Android game, Clash of Clans got released. Until today it’s still within top strategy mobile games because of its addictive gameplay which millions of players worldwide enjoy.

CoC Free Gems Method

This time we will show you a method to get unlimited amounts of resources which are necessary to succeed in this game. These are called Gems (Most important and powerful ones from all of them). Others are Gold and Elixirs. But with first mentioned green diamonds you can easily buy coins and elixirs as many as you want. These resources are used to recruit troops & army to battle or defense, to build all kind of buildings for war or your base, to purchase armor and weapons for your warriors and such.

Application we mentioned earlier is the working Clash of Clans gems generator hack / mod from their website which creates as many of these currencies as you like to your account. Developers make it fully ban-protected by adding special proxy plugins inside it which make its connection spoofed like it comes from real account which normally buys (more…)


5 Reasons To Use Virtual Tabletops For War-gaming (& 3 Not To)

Not so long ago, I started using virtual tabletop application more and more for war gaming. Not because I have left my previous figures. More it has been a combination of factors, including I’ve got semi-bankrupt after rebuilding my new house, and the fact that the area I have set aside for wargaming just won’t be ready for another year.

So all my terrain and figures sit in neatly packed boxes down in the garage, while I try and scrape together some funds to renovate that garage and get some working electricity down there, plug the leaks form the well, replace the windows, clear out the nest of scorpions in there, and a variety of other jobs that take both time and money. Mostly money.

As a result, I’ve turned to my PC to get my one fix. And that is where virtual tabletop software came to light. AHA! I thought to myself. I’ll put this stuff through its paces and see if it is any good for gamers. What follows are my findings.

Play turn 1

Why Should I Wargame With Virtual Tabletops?

OK, let’s start with the reasons why this is a tool that can form part of your wargaming toolbox. These are based on my using virtual tabletop app for almost a year, and in (more…)


Field of Glory Gaming With Cards – FOG Card Deck Wargame

While exploring around the Internet I stumbled by this interesting gem – the Field of Glory Card Game by Treefrog Games.

Field of Glory Card Game
It’s an official game

The deck consists of 105 cards, that are split on 48 red army ones, 48 blue army and nine terrain cards. There are five terrain cards and then you use your army deck to try to control at least three of them to win the game.

deck 1
The armies are identical – apart from the colored borders

The armies in the game are identical (although it is obviously ripe for expansion) and cover troops from the 2nd Punic War.  The game should play in about 30 minutes and has simplified rules that any Field of Glory player should be familiar with. (more…)