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PS2Smart is a PS2 smartphone emulator for iOS & Android

Collection of Android & iOS games is getting a huge boost with release of new PS2Smart app, which is an PlayStation 2 emulator and could run all of its exclusive games on mobile phone systems from now on.

Developing of this software took its creators ten months in total to finish it completely, like they claim in their history log project. They’ve noticed opportunity to build this kind of application when they realized today’s mobile phones like new iPhone’s, Samsung Galaxy’s & other ones have evolved drastically when it comes to hardware specifications. So we can freely compare them to like 5-6 old desktop computers and their major parts like GPU’s or CPU’s are almost similar when it comes to power and operating speed.


System Requirements
Application will work flawlessly on all newer devices, and even few years old ones. For Android you need to have version 4.1 at least in your phone. For iOS it requires minimum 7.0 version to work. Jailbreak is not required for any system. Since PS2 console is almost two decades old it’s expected that requirements will not be that high.

PS2Smart is available as a desktop program too. It will work even better on big computer screens. So from now on the PCSX2 is not the only PS2 emulator available on gaming market. Both of these are freebies however and we’re glad they are.

You can check its Facebook page too to stay with touch with any new updates when they get released.

Here are some shots we took while we were testing the app.
Tales of Legendia on mobile

Rogue Galaxy apk

Resident Evil Dead Aim screenshot

Suikoden IV emulator ios

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